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Imagine healing faster from dental surgery with less pain and better results. Platelet rich plasma makes it possible.

Platelet rich plasma – PRP for short – is made with a small sample of your own blood. We spin that sample in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the blood cells.

Then we spin it again to concentrate the platelets with growth factors that your body will use to help generate new, healthy soft tissue and underlying bone, as well as enhance blood circulation.

We place this at the surgical site, and your body’s innate healing abilities do the rest of the work.

Research has shown that patients treated with PRP heal as much as six times faster than those who go without it. Other studies have shown it to be effective in the treatment of jawbone osteonecrosis (“cavitations”).

It also appears to improve results when dental implants are placed and can be used for both hard (bone) and soft (gum) tissue grafts, as well.

PRP is safe, simple, 100% biocompatible – and an amazing support for your healing.

Should you need oral surgery, we have a network of trusted oral specialists that we would refer you to.

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