Integrative Dentistry

Integrative Dentistry, sometimes referred to as biological or holistic dentistry is dental care that supports your overall health and well-being – body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Shields believes that good overall health begins with healthy teeth and gums. So we take a health-conscious approach to your dental concerns, taking into account the often-overlooked impact of hidden dental infection on your total wellness.

“First, Do No Harm”

Many dental materials and procedures can actually do more harm than good – above all, “silver” amalgam fillings. Despite the name, amalgam is actually 50% mercury, mixed with much smaller amounts of copper, silver, and tin.

Though it looks solid and stable, amalgam constantly releases mercury vapor – a bit with every bite and swallow, 24/7. Over time, this mercury can accumulate in organs such as the liver and brain, ultimately contributing to a wide range of chronic health problems.

For mercury is a potent neurotoxin – one of the most toxic substances on Earth, in fact.

Not only do we not place mercury amalgam fillings; when they need to be removed, we follow strict protocols to ensure your health and safety, as well as our own and that of the environment.

Likewise, we don’t use fluoride. Like mercury, fluoride is a neurotoxic.

When we need to take x-rays to help us evaluate your dental situation, we use only digital imaging to minimize your exposure to harmful radiation. Some studies suggest that digital imaging uses up to 90% less radiation than conventional film x-rays. For the radiation you are exposed to, we have a homeopathic remedy available to counteract its effects.

And when treatment is needed, always, we favor the least invasive approach. Minimally invasive dentistry assures that you only get the treatment you need. After all, every time a tooth is drilled and worked on, it causes trauma to its inner layers, particularly the living pulp. The less trauma your teeth undergo, the healthier they can be.

When restorations are called for, we use only biocompatible materials.

The Hippocratic Oath begins with the statement, “First, do no harm.” We take that very seriously.

Ways to Support Your Oral Health

One of the fundamentals of biological dentistry is good oral health that begins at home – with good oral hygiene, a healthful, nutrient-rich diet, staying physically active, getting good sleep and managing stress.

One of our roles is to support you in your efforts, providing regular professional cleanings, information and guidance so you can achieve your health goals.

Another fundamental is the melding of the best modern clinical dental practices with traditional and complementary healing practices, including nutrition, energy medicine, bodywork, mind-body medicine, naturopathic medicine, and more.

While about half of the new patients we see come to us for wellness dentistry, some reach out after years of living with debilitating chronic illnesses that they believe may stem from their mercury fillings or other dental conditions. We’re happy to work collaboratively with your physicians and other caregivers, coordinating treatments and sharing information in the quest to create positive outcomes.

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