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Neural Therapy

If you grind your teeth or have full-blown TMJ issues, you know that the pain doesn’t stay confined to your jaws. It can cause headaches, face pain, neck and shoulder pain, and more.

And fortunately, drug therapy is hardly the only solution to such chronic pain.

One option our patients love is neural therapy – a treatment most widely used in Germany today that’s been used safely since the 1920s for profound pain relief.

We simply make a series of brief injections at sites of pain or disturbance – areas known as “interference fields.” The injections contain a local anesthetic, homeopathics, and ozone.

Together, these reestablish the normal electrical condition of cells and nerves, and thus their normal functioning. The addition of ozone further stimulates regeneration of damaged tissues.

For many people, neural therapy brings relief almost instantaneously. The effect from the initial injections is temporary, but with each subsequent treatment, the relief lasts longer. Treatment can go on until the pain is just a memory.

Neural therapy is both safe and effective. Combined with treatment of the dental issues causing the problems, it can play a big part in improving your overall oral and systemic health.

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