At Smiles by Shields, we offer treatment for many dental issues including cavities. Filling cavities prevents further tooth decay or tooth loss and helps minimize the progression of periodontal disease. We offer new fillings and can also restore old fillings that are misshapen or unsightly.

Older silver fillings are not designed to last a lifetime. Rather than allowing these fillings to cause further tooth damage, we can replace them with tooth-colored porcelain fillings. They are unnoticeable when you smile and help restore the look of natural teeth. Porcelain fillings are not only more beautiful, but also exceptionally strong due to new bonding techniques.

Older silver fillings have inevitable design flaws. The edges of silver fillings wear down, weaken, and break. As a result, the filling doesn’t fit perfectly within the tooth cavity and new bacteria can spread causing further tooth decay. The silver can expand, contract, or break. We can replace old silver fillings with tooth-colored porcelain.

Replacing old silver fillings with porcelain has several advantages.

The new fillings:

  • Are bonded to the teeth for superior fit
  • Result in stronger, intact teeth
  • Wears like natural teeth (no replacement needed!)

Porcelain fillings protect your teeth by preventing further decay. This protects your overall wellness by stemming the progression of periodontal disease. And just as importantly, these tooth-colored fillings are beautiful and natural looking!

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