Dental crowns and bridges work to preserve your natural teeth and fill gaps in your mouth where teeth have been lost. If you have a damaged tooth, a crown can restore the appearance and function without requiring tooth extraction. Bridges work to fill the space of an extracted or lost tooth. Both services restore the look and function of your smile and contribute to your overall wellness by keep your mouth in top condition.

Dental Crowns

When a tooth is broken or severely damaged, a crown can restore the tooth without requiring extraction. Fitting a crown requires two visits: one to remove tooth decay, prepare the tooth, and fit a temporary plastic crown. We craft a crown perfectly molded to your tooth and when it’s ready, it is cemented in place during your second visit. Most of our crowns are metal-free and all are long-lasting.

Dental crowns replace the function of misshapen or broken teeth, look natural, and help support surrounding teeth. Dental crowns look beautiful and natural and help restore function and overall oral health. Particularly following root canals, dental crowns protect existing teeth and help preserve your natural smile.


Dr. Shields now offers one-visit dentistry through CEREC®. We value your time and we know that multiple visits can be cumbersome for patients who travel, work long hours, have mobility concerns, or simply need dental work done quickly. With CEREC®, we have on-site technology and equipment that allows us to fit custom fillings and crowns to your teeth quickly.

A dental crown traditionally requires two visits. The first visit is for tooth preparation, dental impressions, and placement of a temporary crown. The second visit it for bonding of the permanent crown. The delay in this process is in the manufacturing procedure. Traditionally, we send impressions to a lab once they’ve hardened, the lab crafts the crown to your mouth’s specifications, and sends the crown back to us for your second appointment.

CEREC® technology eliminates that delay. Instead of an impression that has to dry, harden, and be mailed to a laboratory, the CEREC® process uses a non-toxic, tasteless powder to coat the damaged tooth. A camera then snaps a picture of the tooth, renders a 3D image, and then a second machine in our office uses specifications generated by that 3D image to shape your crown out of porcelain right there in the office. The crown production using CEREC® takes just 10-20 minutes, saving you weeks of wait time. Dr. Shields will check to ensure the fit is perfect, polish the all-ceramic, tooth-colored restoration, and bond it into place. No second visit required!

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Bridges are used following tooth loss due to decay, accident, or injury. Tooth loss is not only unsightly, but it can cause further dental problems as teeth surrounding the missing tooth shift out of place and weaken over time. Bridges restore the look and preserve the function of your teeth by keeping every tooth in place.

The bridge fills a vacant spot with an artificial tooth and attaches to neighboring natural teeth called abutment teeth. Bridges are either permanently attached (fixed bridges) for stability or they can be removable for easy cleaning like retainers.

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