Cerec® One-visit Dentistry

Dr. Shields now offers one-visit dentistry through CEREC®. We value your time and we know that multiple visits can be cumbersome for patients who travel, work long hours, have mobility concerns, or simply need dental work done quickly. With CEREC®, we have on-site technology and equipment that allows us to fit custom fillings and crowns to your teeth quickly.

A dental crown traditionally requires two visits. The first visit is for tooth preparation, dental impressions, and placement of a temporary crown. The second visit it for bonding of the permanent crown. The delay in this process is in the manufacturing procedure. Traditionally, we send impressions to a lab once they’ve hardened, the lab crafts the crown to your mouth’s specifications, and sends the crown back to us for your second appointment.

CEREC® technology eliminates that delay. Instead of an impression that has to dry, harden, and be mailed to a laboratory, the CEREC® process uses a non-toxic, tasteless powder to coat the damaged tooth. A camera then snaps a picture of the tooth, renders a 3D image, and then a second machine in our office uses specifications generated by that 3D image to shape your crown out of porcelain right there in the office. The crown production using CEREC® takes just 10-20 minutes, saving you weeks of wait time. Dr. Shields will check to ensure the fit is perfect, polish the all-ceramic, tooth-colored restoration, and bond it into place. No second visit required!

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