What is Neural Therapy for Pain?

Pain has a way of spreading through your body like wildfire. Often it can come from the smallest area and then shoot through to other areas. In some instances, this is natural. Pain is your body telling you it’s experiencing a problem that it shouldn’t. It’s a coping mechanism designed to notify you to stop doing what it is you’re doing.

However, there are times where the pain lingers and then grows in intensity, even when you aren’t doing a thing. This might happen if you grind your teeth at night and then wake up with a searing headache. If the pain originates with your mouth, you will want to consider something known as neural therapy.

What is Neural Therapy?

Pain should be isolated. If you grind your teeth at night, the pain should remain in your jaw. However, when there is a neural condition it might spread to your shoulders, face, cause headaches, and even send pain all the way down to your toes. It would be like if you skinned your knee and suddenly the back of your shoulder hurt. That’s now how neural pain typically works. If you suffer from widespread pain that originates within your mouth, you’ll want to visit an integrative dental practice.

Pain spreading through your body can be connected to a handful of issues. This might be a hormonal imbalance, or there may be a problem with how your nerve fibers detect the pain and send signals to your brain. It’s kind of like calling someone on a landline and the connection gets crossed. Sometimes it happens. So if something like this is happening to you, you’ll need get to the root of it to solve the underlying problem. This is where neural therapy comes in.

Neural therapy is nothing new. It has been around since the 1920s (in some shape and form). While it has improved over the last 100 years, neral therapy is designed to correct the nerve endings and pain information sent to your brain. This is done by performing a series of small injections into areas where the incorrect pain information is sent to your brain. The injections are made up of anesthetic, ozone, and homeopathic.

Why Neural Therapy?

So why should you visit a cosmetic dentist in Jacksonville for neural therapy? Beyond the treatment of this uncomfortable pain you’re dealing with, it is one of the safest treatment options available to you.

Yes, there are other options. You can go to your doctor and they may prescribe medication. Medication can help, but the problem is that you’ll need to continually take the medication in order to combat the symptoms associated with the pain. You might be forced to use the drugs after each instance, which means you’ll still be suffering until the medication kicks in. Some of these medicines are also habit-forming, which is something you need to avoid.

There are homeopathic treatments, but there is little evidence of the long term impact it might have on your body. In some instances, going to see such a service provider (such as a chiropractor) may actually cause more serious conditions. That’s typically why a holistic approach is typically more suitable for many of our patient.s

How Long Do Neural Therapy Pain Treatments Last?

At first, you’ll come in for the neural therapy when you’re dealing with the pain. Relief will come almost instantly, as it doesn’t take long for the injections to begin working. These initial injections are only temporary. However, after each treatment, the injections will last a little longer, and the pain will reduce. Eventually, you may end up no longer suffering from the pain altogether.

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The best way to determine if you are a candidate for neural therapy is to consult your local dentist in Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Tiffany will help you discover the best course of action. Through an in-person consultation, it is possible to specifically determine the best way to treat your condition with additional integrative and holistic procedures and methods.

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