Remedies for Dealing With a Toothache

Toothaches are a dental issue that can be a challenge to deal with. A toothache can make it hard to talk, eat, drink, and even just be awake. However, despite being a common dental concern the best methods to prevent and manage toothaches are not as commonly known as other remedies. Education about toothache prevention and management is the reason National Toothache Day occurs every year on February 9th.

When you visit your dentist, they can assist with a variety of toothache treatments and dental care.

At Smiles by Shields, we always strive to provide all our clients with the best in care and dental advice. Despite how painful they can be there are ways to both prevent and manage toothaches.

Why You Should Not Ignore Toothaches

Ignoring a toothache is never a good idea; if ignored for too long without proper treatment, a toothache can develop into other more severe issues.

  • Extreme Teeth Sensitivity: If you have a toothache the cause could be tooth decay or damage to your tooth’s enamel. Without the exterior enamel coating sensitive parts of your tooth such as the nerves can be exposed. Exposed nerves are quite sensitive to acidic foods and extreme temperatures both hot and cold. If left untreated this sensitivity can worsen.
  • Osteoporosis: Associated with bone ailments osteoporosis can also affect your teeth. Affecting both women and men, osteoporosis causes a broader weakening of the bones throughout your body leading to general bone weakness, brittle bones, and a loss of bone density. When a tooth loses its bone density it can become loose resulting in a toothache. If you ignore a toothache caused by osteoporosis, you more than likely will have more severe bone issues in the years to come.
  • Losing a Tooth: Another common cause of toothaches is gum disease. As gum diseases progress the gum line recedes further and further away from your tooth’s roots causing the tooth to become loose. A loose or shaky tooth can be painful and if left untreated gum disease can cause the tooth to eventually fall out due to it no longer having any connective tissue.

Treating a Toothache

While professional care is advised, there are at-home methods that can help reduce the pain and overall feelings of discomfort. The following examples are known to provide short term relief.

  • A Saltwater Rinse: Eight ounces of water combined with half a teaspoon of salt can be swished in your mouth to reduce inflammation and remove debris.
  • Cold Compresses: If your toothache is producing swelling in your mouth an ice pack or cold washcloth applied to the cheek can help reduce the pain and swelling.
  • Over-The-Counter Painkillers: Readily available pain medication bought at your local pharmacy can help reduce the pain and inflammation a toothache causes. Specifically anti-inflammation drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen should be used.

When You Need Dental Care

Toothaches can have an assortment of underlying causes that require a dentist to fix. Causes can include tooth decay, gum disease, a cracked tooth, or an abscess. All of these causes can have a highly negative impact on your health if left untreated. When you need dental care you can trust Dr. Tiffany Shields in Jacksonville, Florida can help you. At Smiles by Shields, we take a holistic approach to dental care providing the health and support you need to improve your dental health and treat your dental issues no matter what they may be. If you have a sore tooth contact us today to schedule your appointment.


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