The Role of Genes in Dental Care

Dr. Tiffany Shields and the team at Smiles by Shields are committed to your oral health and your long-term well-being. We are passionate about your smile and we love partnering with you to keep it healthy! And while biannual prophylaxis, daily flossing, and regular brushing can help maintain your perfect smile, there’s evidence that much of your dental health is genetic.

If your older relatives have suffered from multiple cavities and tooth decay leading to root canals, gum disease, and dentures, it’s possible that your family is genetically predisposed to developing periodontitis.

That doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel on oral care, however. On the contrary, you’ll want to be proactive in your oral health care and be extra vigilant about brushing and maintaining optimal oral heath. If you think you may be genetically predisposed to periodontal disease, contact Dr. Tiffany Shields to develop your proactive treatment plan today!


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