Information on The Benefits of Holistic Dentistry for Pregnant Women

Holistic dentistry is a unique approach to dental care that takes a patient’s overall health into consideration, not just their teeth and gums. Also known as biological dentistry, this alternative form of dental care promotes better health and wellness instead of merely focusing on the treatment of disease.

For pregnant women, it can be highly beneficial to take a more natural approach to dentistry to avoid risks to the developing baby. Learn more about holistic dentistry and the benefits of receiving holistic dental care while pregnant.

Understanding Holistic Dentistry Treatments

Holistic dentistry recognizes that a person’s dental health is directly connected to their overall health and well-being. By taking a whole-body approach to dental care, patients can better understand the importance of oral health and the body.

Similar to traditional treatments, holistic dentists treat a wide range of conditions, such as:

  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth alignment
  • TMJ disorder
  • Restorations

Holistic dentistry addresses dental disease at all levels, whether it be emotional, physical, or psychological. When you visit a holistic dentist, you can expect your dentist to spend time evaluating all aspects of your health before creating a tailored treatment plan that addresses both your oral health and general health.

Risks of Conventional Dental Treatment During Pregnancy

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), pregnant women are at a higher risk of developing certain oral conditions, such as cavities and gingivitis. While receiving regular dental care before, during, and after pregnancy is critical, it’s important to take certain precautions to keep both mom and baby safe.

Routine preventative care is considered safe anytime during pregnancy. In addition, dental X-rays of the mouth during a routine exam can also be performed. However, the abdomen must be covered with a protective apron that minimizes exposure to radiation. The throat should also be fully covered with a thyroid collar as pregnant women are more susceptible to the effects of radiation.

Cosmetic dental procedures, such as teeth whitening, should be avoided until after the baby arrives. This helps protect the baby from potential risks.

Important Health Benefits of Holistic Dentistry for Pregnant Women

Safe dental treatments during pregnancy is a top priority for expecting moms. Holistic dentistry offers countless advantages for pregnant women, including the following:

1. Holistic Dentistry Focuses on Total Health and Wellness

Instead of only focusing on the state of your teeth and gums, holistic dentists address your total health and wellness. Procedures like cleanings, dental X-rays, and exams are proven to help keep the gums and teeth strong. However, some conventional treatments are more controversial, such as the use of mercury in dental fillings. Replacing old amalgam “silver” fillings with non-toxic alternatives is one way that holistic dentists help improve patient health.

2. Holistic Dentists Use Only Safe Dental Care Materials

During pregnancy, it’s important to pay attention to what is entering your body. That is why holistic dentists avoid the use of unsafe materials and aim to only use materials that are biocompatible. In addition to avoiding materials like mercury found in traditional fillings, many holistic dentists avoid the use of fluoride, especially in pregnant women.

3. Holistic Treatment Is Personalized to Patients’ Health Needs

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to dentistry. Holistic dentists go through a series of steps to fully evaluate the health and unique needs of each patient to develop a personalized treatment plan. Treatments are customized to address the body’s individual functions, from the immune and digestive systems to heart health and sleep patterns.

4. Holistic Dentistry Aims to Be Minimally Invasive with Treatments

Holistic dentists strive to provide patients with a positive dental experience. This is partially achieved by avoiding treatments that may be unnecessarily invasive. There are many gentler treatments available that are just as effective, such as ozone therapy over drills.

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