Safe Amalgam Removal


What is an IAOMT dentist? (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology)

Simply stated IAOMT dentists recognize the impact of toxic materials and relate it to dental and general health. IAOMT dentists are concerned with the integrity of the oral cavity and use materials and procedures in their practices that are systemically compatible and safer for the patient and our environment.

When dentally necessary or for cosmetic concerns we offer the safe removal of silver amalgam fillings and replace them with new, natural looking less toxic materials.

There is a proper way to remove silver amalgam fillings. Dr. Shields follows the protocol set forth by the IAOMT.

Dr. Shields has experience working with your healthcare provider for patients that may be immune compromised.

Mercury Safe Dentistry

Many dentists proclaim that they are mercury safe. It is up to you, the patient, to ask the right questions to insure that your silver fillings are, indeed, being removed safely.

Inquire about the following protocols that IAOMT dentist always follow:

  • Utilize efficient suction system with a special tip called a ‘clean-up’ suction.
  • Operate vacuum system at maximum efficiency.
  • Use copious amounts of water during the removal.
  • Remove amalgam in large segments.
  • Provide the patient and dental team with a mercury free source of air.
  • Protect the environment with approved mercury recycling equipment.

Click below for the IAOMT website. or contact us to request an IAOMT brochure.