Why you may want to quit tobacco in 2016

The impact of smoking on the body’s wellness is well-documented: smoking is simply bad for the body from head to toe. And smoking has an especially detrimental impact on oral health.

It’s well-documented that smoking suppresses the body’s ability to fight infection. And in the mouth, this is especially detrimental. Oral infections can lead to gum loss, tooth decay, and eventual tooth loss. And smokers do, in fact, lose teeth at twice the rate of non-smokers.

Dental implants are an option for lost teeth, but even dental implants can’t mitigate all the effects of smoking. Smoking still impacts the soft tissue and bones by making them weaker, less dense, and more prone to infection.

If you truly value your oral health, consider a smoking cessation program in 2016. Your smile will show it! For more information on smoking cessation, visit: for your Quit Kit today!


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