When Are Antibiotics for Dental Work Necessary?

When you are looking into a holistic dentist, you may have concerns about the use of antibiotics before or after a procedure. Although it is not necessary to use antibiotics for many dental procedures, Dr. Tiffany Shields may suggest the medication in specific situations. By recognizing the situations that may require the medications, you can determine the appropriate timing for a procedure based on your situation and health.

Antibiotics to Treat Dental Infections

A common reason to take antibiotics for dental work is when you have an infection or a high risk for an infection. Oral infections are often caused by the bacteria in your mouth. When you have certain dental procedures, such as tooth extraction or dental implant, you may need to take antibiotics to prevent or treat an infection.

In cases of an oral infection that has already developed in your mouth, your dentist may also recommend antibiotics as a treatment solution. Signs that you may have an oral infection include:

  • Swollen gums
  • Bleeding gums when you brush or floss
  • Fever
  • Gums or a portion of your mouth that is warm to the touch
  • Pain

Treating an infection early will limit the risks to your health. You should also be aware that antibiotics may be provided if you have a risk of infection after a dental procedure. While it may not be necessary for all procedures, it is recommended for complicated procedures associated with cosmetic or restorative dentistry, as well as any procedures that may cause bleeding or open wounds in your mouth.

Preventative Antibiotics

While antibiotics are often used in cases of oral infections or a high risk of oral infections, it may also be used before a procedure to prevent an infection. Preventative antibiotics focus on avoiding an infection before it can develop and cause health concerns. In many cases, it is used when a procedure has a high risk of developing an infection or when a patient has had infections after a dental procedure in the past.

Preventative antibiotics help reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth before the procedure starts. It strives to ensure that you are not likely to get an infection during the healing process. The recommendations in relation to taking antibiotics before a procedure may vary based on the needs of the individual.

Limiting Risks Due to Medical Health Conditions

Individuals who have certain medical health conditions may be recommended to take antibiotics before and after a dental procedure. It is often necessary for patients who have a heart condition due to the risks associated with the condition. Individuals who have certain heart conditions may have an increased risk of heart attack during dental procedures due to the movement of bacteria from the mouth and into the bloodstream. If bacteria get into the bloodstream, then it may move to the heart and cause health concerns.

Although heart conditions are a common reason to take antibiotics before dental procedures, other medical health conditions may also raise concerns. It is important to discuss any medical conditions with your dentist to ensure that the procedure is safe and that proper measures are taken to prevent complications.

Talk to Dr. Shields

If you are not certain about the use of antibiotics for dental work, then you want to discuss your concerns with Dr. Shields before working on your teeth. Dr. Shields can help you determine if a pre-existing health condition may require the use of antibiotics for preventative care or when you have a high risk of infection. You can also discuss procedures that may require antibiotics after it is complete.

Taking measures to improve your smile does not always mean you need to take antibiotics. Contact us today to see how we can safely care for your smile!


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