What your tooth pain is REALLY saying

Did you know that there are pain meridians located throughout the body? These meridians mean that problems in one location can be manifested by pain in an entirely different spot! If you suddenly notice a toothache or problems in one are of the mouth, it could be an issue with that tooth. It may instead be an issue with the associated organ or system. Check out our interactive tooth chart to see how meridians in the body reveal that tooth pain can indicate problems in other areas.

If you have discomfort with tooth 31, for example, it could indicate issues with your right lung, right side of your large intestines, or right side of your small intestines. During a dental exam, always be sure to tell your hygienist and doctor about where you feel pain. During the exam, they can investigate further to see whether the tooth really is the problem or whether you may want to check for deeper issues.  The pain meridians mean that while the problem could stem from one area, the pain could be felt in another.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain, contact us to see whether it’s your mouth or something else experiencing imbalance. In partnership, we can use your oral health to guide your overall wellness!


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