Sedation Dentistry: What You Should Know

Many people – at least 36% of all Americans – say that they have dental anxiety, and another 12% have severe anxiety regarding dental care. At Smiles By Shields, the office of Dr. Tiffany Shields in Jacksonville, Florida understands that dental anxiety is very common. It’s also a very manageable problem with sedation dentistry. Thus, don’t hesitate to ask about solutions that can make you more comfortable before, during, and after your dental procedures.

How it Works

Sedation dentistry is a simple and safe solution for dental anxiety. At Smiles By Shields Dentistry, the team offers several different options in the office to calm your nerves during your dental procedure.

Nitrous oxide sedation is the most common type of sedation dentistry available today, and it’s the most popular option because it’s easy and safe for virtually all ages and situations.

With nitrous oxide sedation, you’ll breathe in a clear gas and oxygen mixture through a tiny tube under your nose. This helps you to relax very quickly, but you won’t fall asleep. You may feel a sensation of floating or deep warmth, and some people get a little giggly, hence the nickname “laughing gas”. During the procedure, you’re still able to hear and respond to the dentist.

Nitrous oxide only takes a few minutes to take effect. This gentle but effective sedation method offers excellent relaxation, and you won’t feel any pain during the procedure. The team closely monitors your vital signs through the procedure. As your procedure ends, you’ll receive pure oxygen to clear the gas out of your bloodstream.

One of the best parts about nitrous oxide sedation is that it often gives you a period of amnesia around the procedure. You’re very likely to not remember very much or even anything about it afterwards!

If nitrous oxide isn’t the right method of sedation for you, the team can explore other options such as oral sedation. This is where you take oral tablets to achieve relaxation just before the procedure starts.

Before Dental Sedation: What to Do

A member of the Smiles By Shields team will let you know how to prepare before your sedation dentistry appointment. Usually, you’ll need to fast for at least a few hours before your procedure. This helps you avoid nausea from the nitrous oxide or other sedative. However, it’s usually okay to eat a light meal several hours before your scheduled appointment.

After Dental Sedation: What to Expect

After nitrous oxide sedation, you can drive yourself home because there aren’t any side-effects. But, if you have oral sedation, you’ll need a family member or friend to drive you home. Oral medication can cause lingering drowsiness for a few hours.

Get the Dental Work You Need Now

Sedation dentistry gives you the ability to get the dental work you need now, without fear or worry. Putting off dental work can have very serious long-term consequences. Unfortunately, delaying dental procedures now can mean that you’ll need more complex (and far more costly) treatments in the future.

If your worry, anxiety, or fear is keeping you from taking care of your oral health, there’s just no need to live that way any longer. The team at Smiles By Shields is happy to discuss sedation dentistry options and explain how this approach can help you see the dentist’s office as a calming and relaxing place.

At Smiles By Shields, a leading family owned dentistry practice in Jacksonville, Florida, experienced dentist Tiffany K. Shields, DMD, offers the best in comprehensive holistic dentistry. Dr. Shields can help you achieve optimal oral health so you need less dental procedures in the future. But, in those rare situations in which you need surgery, the sedation dentistry methods ensure that your procedure is a comfortable one.

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