What to do when you see double rows

Earlier this week, we posted about the phenomena of double rows or “shark teeth” in children. If you notice double rows of developing teeth, here’s what you can do:

  • Wait: You can safely wait a few weeks before bringing your child in for an evaluation. Many cases of “shark teeth” will resolve within a 3-week time span. Very few cases remain a problem after 3 months.
  • Clean thoroughly: One consideration is the difficultly in cleaning between the baby tooth and emerging adult tooth. To prevent cavities and tooth staining, help your child brush very carefully between the two rows where food and bacteria are sure to lodge.
  • Wiggle: keep wiggling the baby teeth, hastening how loose they become.
  • Call: if the baby teeth don’t fall out on their own, it may be best to have the baby teeth extracted. Permanent positioning of adult teeth can be negatively affected if the baby teeth are in place too long.

If you have a case of shark teeth in your family, feel free to call us and we’ll help explain the steps of adult tooth progression and what you can expect!


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