What is prophylaxis?

If you’ve been told that it’s time for prophylaxis, fear not! The term refers to your regular 6-month cleanings. Prophylaxis is a professional tooth cleaning process that allows for better plaque and tartar removal than is possible at home. These cleanings are essential to preventing periodontal disease and stopping gingivitis. Prophylaxis:

  • Removes plaque: the dental hygienist removes the plaque that builds up and causes inflammation and damage to the teeth and gums.
  • Polishes smile: these professional cleanings remove surface stains and leave your teeth brighter and cleaner
  • Freshens breath: halitosis is generally a sign of periodontal disease and prophylaxis helps to stop disease and bad breath in their tracks.

Do continue your bi-annual prophylaxis appointments at Smiles by Shields to enjoy your healthiest, whitest, most beautiful smile now and for years to come!



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