What Makes A Good Candidate For Veneers?

Dental veneers have the ability to transform the look of your teeth and conceal imperfections like chips or discoloration. These thin, custom-made shells are adhered to the front of the teeth to improve their appearance and provide protection from further damage.

A study published by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) showed that more than one-third of Americans are unsatisfied with the state of their smile. Veneers have been shown to provide people with more confidence and boost self-esteem.

While veneers are a suitable option for many patients who want to change their outward appearance, they are not optimal for all. So, what exactly makes a good candidate?

You Have Teeth That Are Severely Stained

Tooth discoloration occurs when stain particles, such as pigmented residues from food or beverages, collect on the protein film that covers tooth enamel. Intrinsic teeth stains occur below the surface of the tooth and have been linked to excessive fluoride use. Extrinsic teeth stains refer to discoloration on the outside of the teeth, often caused by tobacco use or by regularly consuming cola, wine, tea, or coffee. If tooth whitening treatments are not effective in removing stains, veneers can cover up the discoloration.

You Have Minor Cosmetic Dental Flaws

Veneers are an excellent solution for people who have minor flaws in their smile that they would like to correct with help from a cosmetic dentist. Jacksonville dentists use veneers to correct minor crowding, teeth gaps, short teeth, stained teeth, chipped teeth, cracked teeth, and worn enamel. Certain other dental procedures can be used to fix these issues, such as dental bonding. However, veneers typically last longer and create a whiter and more uniform smile.

You Have an Adequate Tooth Enamel

It is important that you have a sufficient amount of tooth enamel before getting veneers placed on your teeth. During the procedure, your dentist will need to remove some of the enamel to make room for the veneers. If you do not have enough enamel, they will not have an adequately strong bonding surface to adhere correctly. This may impact the outcome of the procedure and how long they will actually last.

You Have Multiple Cosmetic Dental Issues

Dental veneers are highly versatile and can be used to repair a wide range of common dental issues, such as slightly crooked or chipped teeth. As veneers are suitable for many different repairs, it often makes sense to use them instead of undergoing multiple different treatments to fix a range of problems. Veneers can be used to cover up many common dental imperfections. This can save patients money by not having to undergo multiple procedures to achieve the desired results.

Your Teeth Are Straight or Only Mildly Crooked

It’s true that veneers can be used to conceal mildly crooked teeth. However, they are not a good option for people who have very crooked or misaligned teeth. They may also not be suited for people with a malocclusion, or misaligned bite. A severe misalignment can put excessive pressure on the teeth, causing the veneers to potentially crack.

You Have Good Overall Dental Health

Before putting veneers on your teeth, your dentist will want to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy and free of decay and disease. Tooth decay, gingivitis, and other common dental problems can interfere with the veneer process. These concerns may negatively affect the outcome of the procedure. However, just because you have some dental issues, doesn’t mean you can’t ever get them. Speak with your dentist about restorative treatment to get your teeth and gums in a healthy state for veneers.

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Dental veneers are an attractive option for people that want to achieve a brighter, straighter smile, free of unsightly imperfections. If you are not sure if you are a good candidate for veneers, contact Dr. Tiffany Shields at Smiles by Shields. Learn more about the process and whether or not you may be suitable for the procedure.


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