Understanding the Importance of Regular Dental Visits

It is recommended that you schedule a regular dental checkup every three to six months, but is that really necessary? After all, you brush three times a day and floss nightly, so what could a dentist possibly do during these checkups? The answer is – a lot.

Regular dental visits aren’t just some made up concept done in an effort to make dentists more money. They are actually important in helping to improve or maintain your oral health. During regular dental checkups, your dentist can do everything from conduct an oral cancer screening to professionally clean your teeth to remove built up plaque and tartar; all of which is necessary to helping keep your teeth, gums, and mouth healthy.

The following are just some of the many reasons why you should regularly visit your dentist.

A Professional Cleaning Removed Plaque and Tartar

Even if you brush three times a day and floss every evening, plaque and tartar will still start to build up in your mouth. Plaque and tartar will build up because there are some areas in your mouth where your toothbrush or floss cannot reach. The only way to get rid of plaque and tartar buildup is with the help of your dentist’s professional cleaning tools.

A professional cleaning, which occurs during your regular dental checkup, will get in between your teeth and remove the tartar and plaque that builds up over time. In addition to removing plaque and tartar in hard-to-reach places, a professional cleaning will help remove bacteria and plaque from under the gumline and other places throughout your mouth.

Removing plaque and tartar is important because it helps prevent cavities. If plaque and tartar is allowed to build up in your mouth, it will slowly start to wear away at your teeth and cause holes. Those holes are cavities and the only way to fix them is with fillings.

An Oral Cancer Screening

Not everyone is aware of the signs and symptoms of oral cancer. This lack of knowledge means many people don’t get immediate treatment for a cancer that is easily treatable. Regular dental checkups allow your dentist to conduct a brief oral cancer screening which could save your life.

If oral cancer is suspected, your dentist can refer you to a specialist for treatment. Oral cancer, if caught early enough, is extremely treatable. Your regular dental checkups will help you detect oral cancer in its early stages.

Early Detection of Potential Problems

People with cavities and even some tooth fractures often experience no symptoms at all. When they eventually do experience symptoms, such as sensitivity to hot and cold, pain, or swelling, they have advanced to the point where they need costly dental care. Visiting the dentist every three to six months can help with the early detection of these problems.

A dentist can detect these problems early by conducting a brief oral examination. During the brief oral examination, he or she may be able to notice any visible signs of tooth decay or gum disease which may indicate cavities.

In addition to the oral examination, your dentist may take x-rays. An x-ray can help dentists determine if there are problems, such as cavities, that are occurring under the gums or in spaces that are hard to see.

Improve Your Oral Health with Regular Dental Visits

Visiting the dentist for a regular dental checkup every three to six months is a huge time commitment, but it will be worth the effort. Not only will your oral health improve, but you can avoid potential costly dental work by catching problems early.

People who live in the Jacksonville, Florida area should consider visiting Smiles by Shields for their regular dental appointment. Smiles by Shields works to maintain your oral health so you have a healthy smile.

A regular routine dental checkup at Smiles by Shields includes a comprehensive oral examination, a discussion regarding potential treatment options, and advice on how to improve your oral health by making lifestyle and dietary changes. In addition to these components of a dental checkup, you will also receive a professional cleaning that will help freshen your breath and improve your smile by removing plaque and tartar.

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