Treatment developments for sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth can make comfort foods like ice cream or hot cocoa unbearable and can lead to a reduced quality of life. We’re committed to helping you achieve oral care in comfort.

Scientists are now developing a new biomaterial that can potentially rebuild worn enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity for an extended period. Not only does tooth sensitivity cause sharp pains, but it can also lead to more serious dental problems. The condition occurs when a tooth’s enamel degrades, exposing tiny, porous tubes and allowing underlying nerves to become more vulnerable to hot and cold.

Current treatments, including special toothpastes, work by blocking the openings of the tubes. But the seal they create is superficial and doesn’t stand up to the wear-and-tear of daily brushing and chewing. Lin’s team wanted to find a more durable way to address the condition.

The researchers made a novel paste based on the elements found in teeth, namely calcium and phosphorus. The new paste, when applied to teeth, can repair damaged enamel and provide longer-lasting relief from tooth sensitivity. Contact us today for strategies to address tooth sensitivity and we’ll be sure to make the new treatment available to you once it has been evaluated for safety and efficacy by the American Dental Association.


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