Time to Schedule a Professional Cleaning

Regular cleanings are a necessary part of any healthy oral regimen. Now that the year is coming to a close, it’s time to start thinking about scheduling one. Your Jacksonville, Florida dentist highly recommends having your teeth professionally cleaned twice yearly for many reasons, but since we’re one holiday down with one more to go before the year is over, there is no better time to have your teeth cleaned by Dr. Shields.

What Is a Professional Cleaning?

Professional cleanings differ from the cleaning you give your teeth every day because they are much deeper and more involved than your two minutes twice daily. Professional cleanings are performed by the dental hygienists at this Jacksonville, Florida dental practice. They begin by removing all the plaque, tartar and bacteria. Every day you remove bacteria to prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar; however, some bacteria is tough to get to with just a toothbrush and measure of dental floss. Dental hygienists have special tools that can remove the plaque and tartar that builds up in between teeth, from the pits and grooves in the molars, and even from below the gum line. They also polish away stains from your morning cup of coffee to reveal a bright, fresh smile. But a professional cleaning isn’t just about the aesthetics of your smile, it is a chance for your dentist to take a good look at the overall health of your mouth.

During your twice yearly appointment the dentist will take x-rays of your mouth. Using our new 3D panoramic radiograph machine we can take a 3D scan of your mouth used to detect cavities and other abnormalities in your bite and teeth. This machine provides a more accurate view than possible with a traditional x-ray machine. In addition to analyzing the x-rays, Dr. Shields performs a comprehensive exam on your entire mouth. She checks your gums for symptoms of periodontal disease and the soft and hard tissues of your mouth for signs of cancer or other disorders. She will also check to see if your teeth are being damaged in any other way. In some cases she will be able to fill cavities, and perform minor procedures the same day. If, during the examination, she finds that a more complex procedure is necessary to save a tooth or to halt the progression of gum disease, another appointment can be scheduled at this time.

Before you leave the office your teeth will be fortified with an application of xylitol to help you prevent cavities everyday. Dr. Shields and her team of dental hygienists and assistants will also remind you about how to brush and floss effectively so you can prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Why Twice Yearly?

You know it’s important to brush your teeth twice each day, but why is it so important to visit your Jacksonville, Florida dentist twice each year? Dr. Shields, and dentists all around the world agree that it twice each year you should be scheduling a professional dental cleaning to best prevent disease and treat any dental illness. Here at our Jacksonville, Florida practice we understand how oral health can translate into overall wellness. By checking up on your teeth and mouth every six months we are able to diagnose and treat oral diseases before they become major problems. For example, if you schedule your appointment in November and we find a cavity, we are able fill the cavity before any decay reaches the sensitive pulp of the tooth. When decay reaches the pulp, root canals are often necessary to save the tooth and the integrity of the jaw. Twice yearly visits are all about prevention.

Before we get too close to the Christmas season, make sure that you take the time to schedule a professional cleaning. At Smiles By Shields we understand that by removing the plaque, tartar, and bacteria from your mouth twice each year, we can prevent decay all year. We polish stains for fresher breath and whiter teeth, but also to inspire you to keep up with your daily oral health routine. And most importantly, we check up on your oral wellness to ensure that your overall wellness is not compromised due to developing gum disease or tooth decay. Call today to schedule your appointment.


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