The dental economy?

At Smiles by Shields, we’re your Jacksonville dentist prepared to meet your family’s emerging needs for dental care in a changing healthcare landscape. And the changes are apparent as the American Dental Association reflects on the dental economy in 2013.

According to their report, the dental care sector is recovering slower than other sectors of the healthcare economy and will likely continue that trend through 2023. CMS actuaries said the dental sector is “really sensitive to fluctuations in the economy” and that going forward under the Affordable Care Act “some of the newly insured may or may not have dental coverage.” A CMS economist also cited reports that she said indicate lower offers of employer dental coverage and an age group shifting from employer to Medicare coverage.

If you’re concerned about the outlook of your dental health access in the coming decade, rest assured that at Smiles by Shields, we’re committed to providing financing options that make dental care affordable to matter what your insurance situation. As with other healthcare, the most cost-effective way to treat is at the prevention stage!





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