The Benefits of the Fotona Laser

If you are looking for a dentist in Jacksonville, FL., you may be looking for a dental office that offers the latest and greatest in technology. One of the newest types of technological advancements that some dental offices are beginning to roll out is the Fotona Laser. The laser is being utilized because it can be used in a wide selection of treatments and has many benefits. Learning the benefits associated with the Fotona Laser can help you decide if you should look for a dental office that uses this device for treatments. Here are some of those advantages.  

Can Be Used for a Wide Array of Treatments

One of the major benefits associated with the Fotona Laser is that it can be used for several dental treatments. The specific treatments that this type of laser can offer vary based on the specific model of the unit. However, there are different types of procedures that different models can complete. These include teeth whitening, filling in cavities, being used during root canals, helping to complete dental implant surgery, helping to desensitize sensitive teeth, helping to perform deep tooth and gum cleanings, and being used for oral surgical procedures. Additionally, the laser assists in tongue tie release and procedures that help to minimize or eliminate snoring in patients. 

Helps to Minimize Dental Anxiety

Another benefit associated with the Fotona Laser is that it can help to minimize dental anxiety in some patients. One of the top reasons why patients become anxious in a dental chair is because they hear noises or sounds that are alarming. For example, listening to a drill can be nerve-wracking for the patient. The Fotona Laser is extremely quiet and has minimal vibrations and movements associated with it. As such, this helps patients to feel more at ease when they are having work done. The quiet laser helps to prevent anxieties caused by sounds that dental tools may make.  

Offers Fast and Precise Treatments

The third benefit associated with the Fotona Laser is that it helps to shorten treatment time and helps to make treatments more precise. Ultimately, the laser helps to speed things up, so you will spend less time in your dentist’s office. The exact amount of time may vary, as each procedure varies from patient to patient. However, some procedures can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. Since a laser is completing the work, you are not sacrificing time for accuracy. This is because the laser is more accurate than a human. 

Can Be Used on Patients of All Ages

When it comes to new technology, people often wonder which patients the technology can be used on. One of the more interesting aspects of the Fotona Laser is that it can be used on all patients. Young children, adults, and the elderly can all benefit. This is a huge advantage as people of all ages can experience all the benefits this machine has to offer. 

Helps to Increase Comfort and Decrease Pain

The final benefit associated with the Fotona Laser is that it helps to increase comfort and decrease pain. Let’s face it; not every dental procedure is comfortable. However, since the laser is so precise and it can target small areas, it helps to eliminate the poking and prodding that occur as a dentist tries to enter the part of your mouth they need to work on. All in all, this helps to make you, the patient, more comfortable while you are having dental procedures done and helps to decrease pain. In fact, some treatments that typically require numbing or topical anesthetics can be done without those items when using the laser. 

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