Teeth Whitening

Having a whiter or brighter smile can make you feel more confident in yourself and in your teeth. If you are looking to get a whiter smile, you have two options. You can purchase whitening products from drug stores or you can work with a cosmetic dentist in. Many people are unsure which option is right for them. Learning the benefits of working with a cosmetic dentist may help you to see why professionals recommend working with a dentist instead of buying at-home treatments from drugstores.

Know What To Expect

One of the benefits of working with a professional for teeth whitening is that the professional can provide you with realistic expectations. A professional will start by taking a look at your teeth and determining whether the stains you are looking to lift can even be lifted. Not every stain or discoloration can be whitened. In some cases, other treatments, such as veneers, may be a better option. It all depends on the condition of your teeth and the type of stains present. If you do home treatments, you may be attempting to whiten spots or stains that simply cannot be removed.

The second benefit to having your teeth whitened by a professional is that a professional can get your teeth as white as possible. Dentists have access to products that are not sold over the counter or to products that have a higher concentration of whitening agents compared to products sold over the counter. These products can help to whiten your teeth better than products that are sold over the counter. Ultimately, this helps you to get a whiter and brighter smile.

No Damage With Professional Teeth Whitening

When you use over-the-counter treatments, you can only use those products for a limited period of time. If you overuse the products, you can damage the enamel on your teeth. Damaging the enamel on your teeth can cause your teeth to become darker. Additionally, overusing over-the-counter whitening products can irritate your gums, causing redness and even bleeding. When you work with a professional cosmetic dentist, they can help to whiten your teeth while ensuring that no damage is done to your teeth or your gums.

Using The Right Technique For You

Everyone’s teeth are different, and the reasons your teeth may be yellow can vary from the reasons someone else’s teeth may be yellow. Coffee stains may need to be treated differently than tobacco stains. Yellowing due to age may need to be treated differently than someone who has yellowing due to poor dental care. A cosmetic dentist can work with you to determine the right tooth whitening technique for your teeth. This helps to increase the chances of the stains lifting. When you attempt to whiten your teeth on your own, you may not be using the right products for your teeth, and as such, you may not get the results you desire.

Fast Results

The final benefit of professional teeth whitening is that you get the fastest possible results. The products sold to consumers at drug stores and big box retailers are not the same products that dentists use. These products may work for some people, but the concentration of the active ingredients is lower, which means you have to use them for a longer period of time before you see results. A cosmetic dentist can help you to maximize your whitening results in the shortest period of time.

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