Taking Dentistry One Step Further: IABDM

We do things a bit differently here at Smiles By Shields. We believe that dentistry is not a medical practice unto itself. We believe that every part of the body is connected and that dentistry and oral health is but one part of this intricate web. This is why we belong to the IABDM, the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine. The IABDM is just one of the networks we belong to which enables us to provide our patients with biology-based, holistic care that promotes not only dental health, but also overall wellness. 

What is the IABDM?

The International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine is a nonprofit organization that has created a network of like-minded scientists, doctors, dentists, and health practitioners. These highly-educated people are committed to recognizing the relationship between every cell in the body and treating every patient as a whole person rather than alleviating symptoms and ignoring the cause of discomfort simply because it lies outside of their specialty. This organization was founded in 1985 by two dentists who understood the mouth for the window to wellness that it is. They saw that the mouth could speak volumes about the condition of the body, and that ailments of the body could be cared for by caring for the mouth. Their mission is to, “ Promote biological dental medicine utilizing non-toxic diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in the field of clinical dentistry,” and that’s a mission we can stand by. They aim to promote the use of biocompatible dental restorations based on homeopathy, nutrition, and eastern as well as western medicines. The certification process of becoming a member of the IABDM requires that the dental practitioner show mastery in understanding the correlation of the mind, body, and  mouth. They must present a case study, peer reviewed article, or project and maintain their membership by attending conferences and be active in the community of IABDM.

Why IABDM Is Important to Our Jacksonville, Dental Practice

We are members of the IABDM because this organization aligns with our beliefs and we adhere to their standards of practice. It is a perfect organization for this Jacksonville Florida dental practice to be a part of. So much of dental history has been marred by toxic experiments and bad medicine. Amalgam fillings are one example of this. It is important to us that we do no harm to our patients. And to meet this end we seek out treatments that are biocompatible. We believe that the body is connected and even to the mind. The use of acupuncture and the electromagnets, sound and light can aid in a dental practice by alleviating pain and tension without pharmaceuticals or other possibly harmful means . We believe that the patient is the most important aspect of our Jacksonville, Florida dental practice. While we practice and trust in the work of the western dental practitioners before us, we also accept that there are other methods that can heal our patients. Nutrition, eastern medicine, and other forms of homeopathy can be used to treat dental infections and treat our patients holistically.

What Biological Dentistry Means for You

Because we believe in biological dentistry and treat our patients holistically there are some things you can come to expect from our Jacksonville, Florida dental practice. First that we will never do anything to harm you. We do not believe that fluoride is a good way to protect your enamel, nor will we ever place an amalgam filling because mercury is a toxic substance that if released into your body can cause serious repercussions. We aim to safely remove amalgam fillings in our patients and replace them with biocompatible composite resin. We promise to keep our patients safe and healthy. When you come to our office for a check up we will help you to become well. We will help teach you how you can keep your teeth safe and strong by keeping your body strong with nutritious foods and exercise. We will discuss how stress management and meditation can help you achieve oral and overall wellness. Choosing a biological dentist like Dr. Shields also means that you can expect compassionate, gentle care each and every visit. Your health and wellness mean the world to us, let us help you in maintaining impeccable oral health so that you can achieve total body wellness.


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