Swimming or SCUBA Diving this Summer? Preserve Your Teeth

While swimming and diving are fun they expose your teeth to risk of injury. Dr. Tiffany Shields wants you to enjoy your summer and part of that means avoiding damage to your smile. We thought we would share a few helpful tips to enjoy your summer water activities without affecting your oral health.

Swimming is a very popular activity during the warmer months. As an avid pool swimmer you are prone to developing dark stains on your teeth due to the exposure to the chemicals in the water. If you find you have already developed these spots, don’t worry as they can usually be removed with a professional cleaning. Scuba diving is also known to be a favorite summer activity, but it too can be troublesome for your mouth. Scuba diving can cause the condition “diver’s mouth syndrome,” caused by the pressure changes experienced when diving. This can result in jaw pain, gum tissue issues, or pain in the center of the tooth.

In order to avoid any problems while swimming or scuba diving this summer, stop in to see your Jacksonville, Florida dentist to go over how to prepare for these activities. We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!




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