How Sugar Affects Your Oral Health and Smile

Most people understand too much sugar is bad for the human body. In particular, sugar-laden foods and beverages are detrimental to teeth and overarching oral health. The average person has a general idea of what sugar does and why it causes cavities. However, there is some understandable confusion as to specifically what sugar does to the teeth and other parts of the mouth.

Sugar causes tooth decay that sometimes necessitates dental procedures or treatments. The aim of our dental practice is to bring out the best in your teeth so they look amazing every single time you smile.

Here’s a quick look at how sugar attacks the teeth and can compromise oral health.

Sugar’s Impact on the Mouth

Sugar generates bacteria that creates a harmful acid. Bacteria creates the acid after contacting and consuming sugar from foods, beverages, gum, etc. The resulting acid wears away at the essential tooth enamel, ultimately zapping minerals and weakening this protective barrier. Compromised tooth enamel spurs tooth sensitivity, decay, discoloration, tooth breaks, chips, and more.

Sugar is also problematic in that it reduces the pH of the mouth. If the pH within your mouth decreases too much, the acidity starts reducing the helpful minerals and ultimately attacks enamel. The destruction of tooth enamel allows for erosion and holes to form within teeth, setting the stage for the development of cavities.

Minimize Your Sugar Intake

Tasty treats are fulfilling yet they should be restricted to small quantities at infrequent intervals to minimize the potential impact on the teeth, gums, and other parts of the mouth. The human mouth combats sugar yet it can only withstand so much of the substance’s destructive force. If the mouth lacks sufficient saliva necessary to catalyze the all-important remineralization process that restores and bolsters teeth, those teeth won’t have the minerals necessary to keep teeth well-protected.

Remineralization is important for tooth health and functionality yet it is also essential for a gorgeous smile. Strong and healthy teeth are less likely to chip, fracture, or become otherwise damaged when chewing hard food or when subjected to physical force. Aside from maintaining a hydrated and hygienic mouth, patients are also encouraged to drink fluoridated water to offset the negative impact of sugar, ultimately repairing weakened and damaged tooth enamel.

Read Food Labels

Take a close look at the ingredients listed on the food items you select. You’ll find the majority of the items you buy contain sugar. Everything from corn to juice, pastries, baked goods, processed foods and even fruits contain natural or artificial sugar. Spend a little bit of time scanning through ingredients labels, eliminate products laden with sugar and your oral health will benefit.

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