Should You Be Using an Electric Toothbrush?

With commercials constantly touting the good qualities of electric toothbrushes, dental patients may be curious about their true effectiveness. Like most products, there are pros and cons to both electric toothbrushes and manual toothbrushes. Dr. Tiffany Shields would like to educate her patients on the advantages and disadvantages of electric toothbrushes.

Several experts, including Dr. Paul Massari collaborated to produce an article debating the differences of manual and electronic toothbrushes.

Advantages of an electric toothbrush:

  • Takes guesswork out of brushing
  • Patients may be more motivated (especially kids)
  • More plaque removal
  • Good with braces

Disadvantages of an electric toothbrush:

  • Can be harsher on teeth and gums
  • Price is higher than manual toothbrushes
  • Can do more damage than good if used incorrectly

Manual toothbrushes are found to be effective when patients use them correctly. If you currently brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each session, use the proper technique, and floss regularly, you may not require an electronic toothbrush.

At your Jacksonville dentist office we are interested in sharing information that our patients may find helpful in keeping their mouth healthy. While brushing well can keep your mouth in good condition, nothing can replace a professional dental cleaning. Call today to make a dental cleaning appointment with Dr. Tiffany Shields.


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