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When it comes to dental health and wellness making twice yearly appointments to your dentist is tantamount to your success. Along with brushing for two minutes twice each day and flossing, checking in with your Jacksonville, Florida dentist can help you prevent cavities and gum disease. This bi-annual ritual is also a chance to fix any damage done caused by daily life, and to answer any questions you may have about dental health. If it’s been about six months since you’ve seen your dentist, it’s about time for you to call and schedule your checkup.

Preventative Maintenance

Unfortunately many people only make a trip to the dentist when they have an issue like tooth sensitivity, puffy or bleeding gums, or a lost tooth. While a trained and professional dentist like Dr. Shields can quickly put an end to all of these maladies, she prefers to help you provide you with the tools to prevent them from happening in the first place if possible. Treating dentistry like a preventive project can help improve your overall health and wellness by help you become in tune with your body. If you are able to stop a cavity from forming or catch one before the decay becomes severe, you can prevent potential tooth loss and most importantly invasive – and expensive – dental work. Similarly if you can receive helpful feedback about your flossing routine from your dentist and dental hygienists, you can prevent the development of gingivitis and periodontal disease. This in turn can prevent bad breath and tooth loss. Enabling your dentist to become an integral part of your wellness can help you prevent serious conditions and preserve your pristine smile for years to come.

Early Detection

In the same vein as prevention, by seeing your dentist every six months you can easily stop small dental problems from becoming big dental problems. By not waiting until you’re blinded by tooth pain, you may be able to catch a cavity and treat it with composite resin instead of a crown. Your Jacksonville, Florida dentist is adept at recognizing signs of gum inflammation as well. By scheduling an appointment every two months you may be able to practice flossing and using an antibacterial mouthwash instead of scheduling a scaling a planing to manage the effects of periodontal disease. And most importantly, by seeing your dentist on a regular basis, you can be regularly checked for oral cancer – a condition that is becoming increasingly common due to the spread of HPV16. Of all the conditions your dentist will be able to detect early, this is the most important. By becoming familiar with your dentist, you are choosing an important ally in preserving and maintaining your oral and overall wellness. She will be able to quickly detect an new or worsening abnormalities and keep you well informed of your dental condition.

Start Today!

Dr. Shields understands that many people are plagued by fear of their dentist. She provides a calm, gentle, and compassionate space for these patients to express their fears. The best way to overcome dentaphobia is to find a dentist who can understand these worries and cast them aside. If you’re worried about flossing or brushing lectures, you won’t find them here. We want you to strive for dental wellness and will do all we can to help you achieve this. Dr. Shields and her outstanding staff can help you improve on your oral health and hygiene by praising your accomplishments and providing education on how to improve upon your weaknesses. If you’re looking for a dental home that can make you look forward to scheduling your dental appointment, call this Jacksonville, Florida dental practice today.

Scheduling a bi-annual check up with your dentist is an important aspect to your oral wellness routine. Having a trained professional help hold you accountable for your dental health can result in an elevated sense of wellbeing. Practicing prevention, early detection, and friendly dentistry are a few of the most important things at this practice. If you’re looking for a boost to your dental routine, to solidify your oral health, and to make a great friend in the process, schedule your bi-annual appointment at Smiles by Shields today!


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