All About Ozone Therapy

Even if you’re excellent at brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash, you may still be missing some bacteria in your mouth. There are billions of microorganisms in the mouth, and most of them are the good kind. However, some of the bad kind can take over, causing infection and disease. Proper dental hygiene is still an excellent way to fend off these bad bacteria, but there’s a more powerful option to consider that you may not have heard of. The best way to prevent bacteria from causing infection and disease is through dental ozone therapy from a dentist in Jacksonville, FL.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a gas, that’s like a super-powered form of oxygen. While regular oxygen has two atoms of oxygen, ozone actually has three atoms of oxygen. The molecule wants to get rid of the third atom and turn into oxygen. When the molecule comes in contact with the bacteria in your mouth, it creates a burst effect to rid itself of the third oxygen atom.

A More Powerful Clean

When you visit your cosmetic dentist in Jacksonville, ask about dental ozone therapy. Your dentist may use this treatment to disinfect inside the mouth. When the ozone enters your mouth, it’s met with a living system of microorganisms, including bacteria. This living system causes the ozone to create a transient oxidative burst. Since the microbes of bacteria can’t defend themselves against this burst, they’re killed off, leaving you with a healthier mouth.

Additional Benefits

If your cosmetic dentist in Jacksonville has recommended dental ozone therapy, you’ll get more than just a super-clean mouth. We know that the health of your mouth can affect a lot of other parts of your body, especially your heart. Because the oxidative burst between the ozone and bacteria induces several natural reactions, both biochemical and physiological, you’ll leave the office with an entire body of improved health. You’ll experience better blood flow, better immune response, and faster healing times.

When to Try Dental Ozone Therapy

With cosmetic dentistry treatments, there are many ways to improve your smile, as well as your overall health. Dental ozone therapy can be used with almost any dental treatment to provide even better results.

Gum disease and periodontal issues are a very common reason for dentists to use ozone. These types of issues often develop from an abundance of bacteria in the mouth. Therefore, using ozone to kill that bacteria just makes sense.

A root canal can be a very vulnerable surgery, due to the risk of infection. Using ozone during the procedure can help minimize this risk and speed up healing time.

Having teeth pulled (called “extractions” by dentists) is never fun and often leaves a large opening in the row of teeth. This hole then becomes a major risk for infection while it’s healing. Adding ozone helps eliminate the bacteria that could lead to infection.

Teeth sensitivity is a big reason some people put off having dental work done. We get it! Nobody wants to experience pain voluntarily. With the use of dental ozone, we can reduce the amount of pain you feel to an absolute minimum, so the work you need done is easier to achieve.

Cavities and tooth decay are the most common reason people look for a dentist in Jacksonville, Florida. These experiences can cause a lot of pain in the immediate, and can lead to major issues in the future. If not treated, you may end up needing the tooth removed! Trust us when we say a dental ozone treatment to rid your mouth of cavity-causing bacteria is a lot easier than having dental implant surgery!

Your Top Dental Choice is Dr. Tiffany Shields in Jacksonville, Florida

Your smile says a lot about you. Whether you’re a student, parent, business professional, or stay-at-home caretaker, your smile affects several aspects of your life. Make sure you present your best self by contacting Dr. Tiffany Shields. In Jacksonville, Florida, you have a lot of options for cosmetic dentistry, but don’t trust your health to just anyone. Make it a point to seek out the best dental care possible, and you’ll be smiling for ages! We look forward to speaking with you.


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