Overall Health Linked to Oral Health

Dr. Tiffany Shields is interested in keeping her patients as healthy as possible and it all starts with your mouth. Good oral health is essential to your entire body’s overall health.

According to the ADA, “The mouth is a window to the health of the entire body.” Oral health can be indicative of nutritional deficiency or infection. Bacteria are present within the mouth, which can create opportunities for disease. Research suggests that periodontal disease has been linked to cardiovascular disease, stroke, and pneumonia. There is also research to suggest linkages between diabetes and periodontal disease. Though these conditions may not necessarily be caused by each other, their potential link is worth noting.

The importance of good oral health is indisputable, so be sure to make regular appointments with your dentist to keep your mouth and teeth as healthy as possible. Your dental office in Jacksonville, FL looks forward to seeing you for your next appointment and keeping your smile healthy!


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