Outfitting Our Oral Hygienists with Your Allergies in Mind

While seasonal allergies typically won’t cause you any problems at your next dentist appointment, contact allergies may. A contact allergy occurs when you experience some type of reaction, such as a rash, itching, or swelling, when you come into contact with certain things. Everything from medications and metals to plastics or latex can cause you to experience an allergic reaction.

When people visit the dentist, they often don’t even think about allergies. After all, the place is sterile and looks clean, but that doesn’t mean a contact allergy won’t occur. In fact, many people experience contact allergies when visiting the dentist.

People can experience a contact allergy at the dentist office by being exposed to latex gloves, metal in a filling or crown, or the anesthetic used to numb the mouth for a procedure. If you have a concern about allergies or believe you may be sensitive to certain materials, it is important that you find a dentist who knows about allergies and takes the necessary precautions to make sure your sensitivities are kept in mind.

Metal – The Hidden Allergy

Many people don’t realize that the materials used for fillings, dental crowns, and other procedures may contain metal. If metal is placed in your mouth for a dental procedure, it could cause an adverse reaction that may result in serious health problems.

In an effort to help improve the health of people with allergies and other sensitivities, many dentists are making the commitment to use safer materials for procedures. Using BPA-free composite or ceramic for procedures such as fillings and crowns allows people to get valuable dental care without worrying about a potential reaction to metal.  

How to Find a Dentist That Will Keep Your Allergies and Sensitivities in Mind

Most dental offices are willing to discuss what precautions they take for people with allergies over the phone. Before scheduling an appointment with a dentist take a moment to call their office and ask questions about the materials they use, their approach to dental care, and how they address allergies.

Some questions you may wish to ask include:

  • Is your entire dental practice latex free? Many dental offices only use latex-free gloves, but other equipment such as dental damns may contain latex. Verify that all aspects of their dental practice are latex free.
  • How do you address potential metal allergies?
  • What types of materials do you use for fillings, dental crowns, and implants? Look for a dentist that uses fluoride-free, BPA-free composite or ceramic.
  • Do you offer alternatives for anesthetics?
  • Do the oral hygienists use latex-free gloves, too?
  • If there is an allergy concern, are you able to offer several safe alternatives for treatment or the type of equipment used?

Smiles by Shields Keeps Your Allergies and Sensitivities in Mind

Smiles by Shields, a holistic dental practice located in Jacksonville, Florida, takes allergies and mental sensitivities seriously. We make sure that our dentist and dental hygienists use latex-free gloves and that all materials used for dental procedures are hypoallergenic. We can even offer you alternatives should you be allergic to certain medicines or anesthetics.

We understand it can be stressful to visit the dentist when you have allergies and other sensitivities, which is why we encourage you to call our office. Our friendly office staff will gladly answer any questions you may have about the materials we use and how we handle allergies or metal sensitivities.


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