Osteoporosis, dental implants, and quality of life

Which interventions help women with osteoporosis best preserve their quality of life? Dental implants!

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University surveyed over 200 women suffering from osteoporosis about their satisfaction with replacement teeth and how it improved their lives at work and in social situations. The survey rated satisfaction with work, health, emotional, and sexual aspects of the women’s lives.

All of the women surveyed were diagnosed with osteoporosis and all of the women had at least 2 adjacent teeth missing. The women had restoration work done that included implants, fixed partial dentures, removable dentures, or had no restoration work done.

Women with dental implants reported a higher overall satisfaction with their lives. Fixed dentures scored next highest in satisfaction, followed by false teeth and, finally, women with no restoration work. Women with dental implants also reported the highest satisfaction in emotional and sexual areas, while those without restorations scored the lowest in those two areas.

Whether you’re a woman with osteoporosis or not, these findings may indicate that dental implants provide the highest satisfaction following tooth loss. If you’re looking for a solution for missing teeth, contact your Jacksonville dentist Dr. Shields for an appointment.


Case Western Reserve University. (2015, June 11). Dental implants result in better quality of life for osteoporotic women. ScienceDaily. Retrieved July 25, 2015 from


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