Oral Health and Wellness Myths

Some of what you hear about your dental health is true. For instance, you really should floss at least one time per day. However, sometimes, oral health and wellness information gets passed along that isn’t factual, like when some people say enamel can grow back. At Smiles by Shields Dentistry, our practitioner, Dr. Tiffany Shields in Jacksonville, Florida, would like to take a moment to debunk a few of these myths.

1# Invisalign® Is Much More Expensive Than Traditional Braces

Invisalign really isn’t a great deal more expensive than traditional braces. In fact, a cosmetic dentist in Jacksonville can provide this procedure at a cost just slightly more than traditional braces. Even though it classifies as part of cosmetic dentistry, some insurances will sometimes cover a portion of Invisalign. Plus, Invisalign has more benefits than braces. For instance, they’re clear, so they don’t interfere with photos, diets, or your confidence. You can remove them to eat the foods you love. You just have to keep the aligner in for around 20 hours each day. Moreover, Invisalign takes an average of six months less than metal braces for most patients.

#2 Everyone Needs to See the Dentist Every Six Months for Preventative Dental Care

Although most leading dental organizations and dentists recommend patients visit a dentist at least twice per year, this isn’t the case for every person. For instance, those who have diabetes, gum disease, or other health issues may require more frequent visits. On the other hand, people who have little to no oral health issues may only need to visit the dentist once per year and still see the same benefit. Dr. Tiffany Shields helps tailor a preventative dental care plan that takes into consideration your specific oral health needs and budget.

#3 A Cosmetic Dentist Only Performs Cosmetic Procedures

You may think that a cosmetic dentist only performs whitenings and other procedures that enhance the appearance of your teeth. However, this isn’t the case. As a cosmetic dentist in Jacksonville, Dr. Shields offers routine cleanings because a healthy mouth is the most important aspect of dental care. Keep in mind, a cosmetic dentist must complete dental school just like a general dentist does.

#4 Dental Implants Are Only For Aesthetic

While you may choose to let spaces in your teeth after you have a tooth pulled, you have the option of dental implants. Dental implants aren’t just for aesthetic purposes. When you have spaces in your teeth, it’s possible for your other teeth to shift out of place. Gaps in your mouth from missing teeth can affect your speech, as well as how you chew.

#5 Sugar Is the Only Harmful Substance to Your Teeth

While sugar does contribute to poor oral health, since it can lead to decay and feed the bacteria that harm your teeth and gums, it’s not the only substance that’s harmful to your oral health. Acids like those found in all types of soda and citrus fruits also increase your chance of decay. You have bacteria in your mouth that feast from the acid. The acid also harms the integrity of the enamel on your teeth too, which does not grow back.

Sipping substances with sugar and acid are worse for your teeth than drinking the beverage quickly. You’re repeatedly exposing your teeth, and they don’t have adequate time to remineralize in between each sip.

Sour candy is worse for your teeth than sugary treats; although both are bad for the health of your mouth. The sour candy consists of different kinds of acids and more of them, so these options are worse for your teeth. Not to mention, the chewy candies stick to your teeth, which increases the length of your exposure.

#6 Teeth Whitening Will Ruin Your Teeth and Oral Health

Teeth whitening in moderation is completely safe for your teeth. The issues people experience are from overly whitening their teeth. However, when our dentist creates a regimen designed for your needs, you won’t experience long-term effects.

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