Need a reason to floss?

At every dental appointment, you’re likely reminded of the importance of flossing. And while some people have long been accustomed to the daily routine of flossing, others find it difficult to establish the habit. If you’re on the fence about establishing the flossing habit, read for reasons to keep it up:

  • Tartar: while brushing helps get rid of tartar, brushing can’t reach between teeth or under the gumline.
  • Gum disease: gum disease is a common progression in non-flossers. But the act of flossing helps keep gums in optimal form and can prevent gum disease.
  • Cost: flossing teeth is incredibly inexpensive relative to the benefit and time commitment. A dollar of prevention can save thousands in repair!

If you aren’t yet flossing, the team at Smiles by Shields encourages you start based on these three–and many other!–reasons.


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