Migraine Relief While You Sleep

You know the feeling, a dull throbbing or the sharp reeling pain in your skull. It’s another migraine and we’re sure you would like to take this pain away forever and always. Migraine headaches strike a large percentage of Americans, about one in seven people deal with this chronic pain. While it may seem strange that your Jacksonville, FL dentist is talking to you about headaches, understand that the jaw can play a serious part in this disease. And, as we practice wellness dentistry, we can help our patients with migraine relief with a simple, non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical device called the NTI-tss.

What Is a Migraine?

A migraine is a severe headache, to put it simply. However, it’s certainly not that simple. Migraines are the kind of headaches that can stop you from leaving your house and have been known to last for months. The worst part about migraines is that their root cause is, as of yet, unknown. Until further research is concluded, what doctors know so far about migraines is that they seem to be brought on by an alteration of brain chemistry. The changing of blood flow, chemicals, and nerves causes these extreme headaches that can last for days. Migraines begin in adolescence, and become more common in women of reproductive age. This leads some scientists to believe that hormone fluctuations can have an impact on the onset and severity of migraines.  

There are four distinct stages of a migraine headache: Pre-drome, aura, headache, and post-drome. These stages allow migraines to last for an extended period of time and make the treatment of migraines particularly difficult. Pre-drome symptoms occur before the migraine comes on. They can include constipation, mood swings, increased thirst and food cravings, muscle stiffness, and frequent yawning. Many people who suffer from chronic migraines are able to pick up on these symptoms and treat them before the pain becomes severe. The next stages is aura. This is the stage in which the brain begins to play tricks on your senses. Seeing flashes of light, blurred or off vision, muscle tension, or sensations like pins and needles on the skin, having difficulty speaking, and even hearing noises that aren’t there are all signs of an oncoming migraine headache. The Attack, or headache itself can can last for many days if left untreated. It causes severe pain, nausea, blurred vision, and sensitivity to sensory stimuli, such as lights, noises, touch, and smell. Finally after the headache, your body will move into a post-drone phase that can last for a whole day. It can feel like recovery because people who experience post-drone are often dizzy, confused, weak, and remain sensitive to lights and sounds.

People who suffer from migraines are well aware of these stages and do everything they can to stop a migraine before it stops, things that are thought to encourage the onset of a migraine include: Emotional stress, physical stress, some foods and the  ingredients in them like MSG or nitrates, medications such as hormonal replacement or contraceptives, strong smells such as second-hand smoke or strong perfume, changes in barometric pressure or weather, low blood sugar, and dehydration.

How Can You Treat Migraines?

Treating migraines is extremely difficult. Because the causes can be so varied choosing an effective treatment option can be difficult. Many opt for pharmaceutical pain remedies. These can be very effective, however taking pain medication for an extended period of time can be very harsh on the body. Alternatively selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are also a popular choice for migraine relief, however this class of drugs also has their own list of side effects.


Instead of treating migraines with medications, the use of an oral appliance called NTI-tss has been very effective for patients. This appliance works by reducing the stress on the jaw of the patient with migraines while they sleep. It is similar to a night guard however it’s made with hard/soft thermo-formed material with Clear 450 Discluding Element. This technology makes this appliance extremely comfortable and safe for the teeth, no matter how clenched they become.

Treating migraines while you sleep with a NTI-tss appliance is just one way that oral health can encourage whole-body health. If you suffer from migraines and are wanting to try something with no side effects and has provided 82 percent of migraine sufferers with a decrease of 77 percent of migraine pain, call our offices and schedule an appointment today.


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