Link between periodontitis and atherosclerosis

Dr. Tiffany Shields is your Jacksonville dentist committed to your total body wellness. And that link between dental health and overall health becomes clearer each day. New research indicates a link between periodontitis and atherosclerosis, which can lead to life-threatening conditions like heart attack.

Chronic oral infection with the periodontal disease pathogen P. gingivalis not only causes local inflammation of the gums leading to tooth loss but is also correlated with an increased risk of atherosclerosis. A study published on July 10th in PLOS Pathogens now reveals how the pathogen evades the immune system to induce inflammation beyond the oral cavity.

If you’ve ever needed convincing that dental health matters in your total body care, here is your evidence. Make an appointment to see your Jacksonville dentist Dr. Tiffany Shields today for your overall wellness!


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