Hydrocodone reclassified to Schedule II

Earlier this month on October 6th, the United States Drug Enforcement Agency made official a change that reclassified hydrocodone combination products and subjected them to tighter restrictions.

Often prescribed for dental pain, hydrocodone combination products including opioids such as Vicodin, Lorcet, Lortab and Norco, have been reclassified as Schedule II substances, effective Oct. 6. The DEA says the reclassification will protect public health and safety by reducing the potential for abuse, dependence and diversion of the highly addictive substances.

At Smiles by Shields, we’re your Jacksonville dentist to provide the best dental care through preventive maintenance to stave off pain rather than treating pain unnecessarily. We do, however, prescribe pain medication as needed and are equipped to meet the DEA’s new classification system guidelines to provide you the best pain management possible.

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