How Your Environment Shapes Your Oral Health

It is common knowledge that your oral health is directly related to how often you brush and floss as well as how often you visit the dentist for professional cleanings and checkup, but what some people don’t realize is their environment shapes their oral health.

Environmental Factors Shape a Person’s Oral Health

Researchers recently published a study in the American Society for Microbiology that looked at how microbiome – a unique group of organisms that contribute to your oral health and are found in saliva – are formed. The study tried to determine if genetics, household, age, or city played a bigger role in what microbiome were found in a person’s saliva. The results weren’t what researchers expected.

While factors such as age and genetics slightly influenced what microbiome were found in people’s saliva, it was the household that had the biggest influence on what types of microbiome were found.

Why is the Study Important?

The study that discovered that shared household determines what microbiome are found in a person’s saliva is important because researchers may be able to use that information to improve people’s oral health. Researchers can see what environmental factors lead to the development of the microbiome that improves oral health. Once that is determined recommendations can be made so people know what behaviors and things can be done to help encourage the growth and development of these good microbiome.

While the information found in this study won’t change how people approach oral health right now, it could change things in the future. People can see what they are doing that could be hindering the growth of good microbiome and make changes to their day-to-day activities that will encourage the growth and development of good microbiome.

Visit with a Holistic Dentist to Improve Your Oral Health

If you are looking for ways to improve your oral health now, you may want to consider making an appointment with a holistic dentist. Holistic dentists, like Dr. Shields at Smiles by Shields, believe that taking a whole body approach to dental care is the best way to improve not only your oral health, but your overall health.

When you visit a holistic dentist, they don’t just focus on fixing the immediate problems you are experiencing. They focus on working with you to prevent problems from arising in the future. During your visit to a holistic dentist, he or she will conduct an oral exam and look for any signs of potential problems. If problems are spotted, your holistic dentist will make treatment recommendations and provide you with personal advice for how to prevent problems from happening in the future. Advice that is given can include ways to improve your home oral healthcare routine, changes that you need to make to your diet, or lifestyle changes such as trying to quit smoking. Following this advice will help you improve your oral health.

Each patient that comes to a holistic dentist gets an individualized dental care plan. Your holistic dentist will look at your unique needs and determine what services need to be provided to help improve your overall oral health. Services offered by a holistic dentist include professional cleanings, fillings, crowns and bridges, and dental implants. Cosmetic dental services such as tooth whitening, veneers, and clear braces are also offered by holistic dentists.

If you are looking for a holistic dentist that provides dental services to the Jacksonville, Florida area, look no further than Dr. Tiffany K. Shields of Smiles by Shields. Smiles by Shields practices comprehensive holistic dentistry with a focus on the whole body. It is our belief that to improve your overall health, you must first work to improve your oral health with regular professional cleanings and checkups with a dentist.

Call Smiles by Shields today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shields. We look forward to helping you improve your overall health by actively working to make your teeth and gums healthier.


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