How Often Should You See Your Jacksonville Florida Dentist for Oral Care?

Researchers and professionals in the arena of dentistry have known for decades that those individuals who regularly visited their dentist for check-ups consistently saw better oral health overall. But you might be asking yourself what regular dental visits mean for you?

How often should you and your family members visit your Jacksonville, Florida dentist for Dental Care?

Many people don’t visit their dentist even once a year. Did you know that most dentists recommend adults and children to visit their dentist at least twice a year? In fact, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends this as well.

Going twice a year to your dentist will help to ensure that plaque and tartar are regularly cleaned off of your teeth and that no harmful bacteria is allowed to remain and infect your gums. Without these regular cleanings, individuals put themselves at risk of developing gum disease and other issues that will impact not only their oral health, but also potential repercussions for their overall health. For example, left unchecked, periodontal (gum) disease can cause respiratory and cardiovascular issues.

When Twice a Year Dental Visits Aren’t Enough

Now, while twice a year visits are the most commonly recommended schedule for most children and adults, there are a few cases where a dentist might recommend more frequent visits. Those situations include:


The hormonal changes that occur when women are pregnant change a lot about the body’s chemistry. Plus, there are the food cravings that change what a woman might normally consume. These two things put women at a greater risk of developing periodontal disease and at risk for a condition called pregnancy gingivitis. This results in tender gums that are more easily prone to bleeding. This condition is extremely common, with an estimated 40% of pregnant women developing gingivitis at some point during their pregnancy.


Both diabetes itself and the medication used to treat diabetes can impact how the salivary glands operate, leading to less saliva flow overall. The less saliva you have, the less your body is able to routinely remove bacteria, sugar, and other things from your teeth and gums. This puts people with diabetes at greater risk of developing dental cavities, gum diseases, and other mouth problems.

Cancer Patients

Similar to diabetic individuals, cancer patients are commonly prescribed medication that impacts salivary glands and prevents proper saliva formation. Therefore, just like those with diabetes, cancer patients should seek out more regular dental care to ensure their teeth and gums are kept properly clean and clear of unwanted build-up.

Cardiovascular Issues

Tobacco Users Need Extra Dental Care

As noted above, poor oral health can lead to cardiovascular issues. This is because bacteria and germs from your mouth can very easily enter other parts of your body due to how the body is connected. Therefore, individuals with existing cardiovascular issues need to pay close attention to their oral care routines. This includes seeking out regular dental cleanings and check-up visits more frequently than those individuals without preexisting cardiovascular issues.

Those who smoke or chew tobacco significantly increase their risk of developing mouth issues. These users will especially want to schedule more frequent dental cleanings and check-ups to keep their mouth and teeth clean. Visits will also ensure that they are regularly being checked for signs of cancer development.

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