How is Diet Soda Impacting Your Dental Health?

Your Jacksonville dentist always wants to share information that may help you to improve your dental health. Most people are familiar by now with the correlation between soda and cavities. While diet soda ingredients don’t typically include sugar, it can still greatly affect the health of your teeth.

A three-person case study done by Dr. Mohamed Bassiouny focused on the teeth of a diet soda drinker along with two drug addicts. The diet soda drinker consumed two liters of soda a day for approximately four years, and the other participants were a methamphetamine addict and a crack cocaine addict. The findings were that the dental erosion present was similar among all three participants. The three participants came from similar socioeconomic backgrounds and lived in areas with fluoridated water.

The enamel erosion experienced by these people was caused by over exposure to acid. Diet soda, methamphetamine, and crack cocaine are all high in acid. While the study doesn’t confirm that drinking diet soda was the only possible cause for the participant’s tooth decay, it can be considered a red flag for people who consume large amounts of diet soda on a daily basis.

While an occasional diet soda won’t threaten your dental health, it is important to realize that simply because a product is “diet” does not mean it is “healthy.”

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