Information on Healthy Start Program for Kids

At Smiles by Shields, we specialize in cosmetic and holistic dentistry. However, in addition to these services, our practitioner also offers a healthy start program geared toward kids. Let’s discuss what this program entails.

Healthy Start General Information

Think about what makes a child truly healthy. Obviously, not getting sick frequently is one aspect. Some parents may consider better behavior as one of those as well. And one of the true keep components of better health is getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep affects every aspect of a child’s life, from their behavior to immune system function and various issues in between.

Other factors play a role in your child’s health as well, such as their self-confidence, which can be impacted by the positioning of their teeth.

Evaluating Your Child

With the HealthyStart program, our dentist in Jacksonville, FL, will thoroughly evaluate your child’s mouth. She’ll look for gaps, crooked teeth, bruxism, and more.

Part of the evaluation process also consists of our dentist asking questions about your child’s schooling and home life. Our practitioner will want to know about your child’s academic performance and behaviors. We’ll inquire about any aggressive behaviors your little one has. You’ll also be asked about your child’s sleep. Does he or she have difficulty falling and staying asleep? Do you notice your little one tosses and turns a lot at night? Is your child experiencing frequent bedwetting beyond the normal age range with no known cause? Is your kid frequently awoken by nightmares?

Determining a Healthy Course of Action

Once we have a better understanding of your kid’s situation, our practitioner can determine an appropriate course of action to get to the source of the problem. The HealthyStart program uses devices that can help with a child’s breathing and sleep, which ultimately impacts his or her behavior and overall health.

Child’s Academic Performance

We may recommend an aligner that keeps your child’s airways open as he or she sleeps. This allows for the optimal level of air to enter the lungs and circulate through the body. Ultimately, this promotes a better night’s sleep so your child is rested and refreshed. This will help your child remain focused during the day and possibly improve his or her academic performance in general.

Child Behavior

Often, a behavioral issue in a child has to do with a lack of sleep. When your child isn’t sleeping enough or getting a poor quality of sleep on a regular basis, he or she becomes more emotionally reactive. This can lead to your child being short-tempered and even aggressive. If a child has a mood disorder, it can exacerbate the symptoms.

By getting a better flow of air through the body, the HealthyStart aligner will improve your child’s quality of sleep, so he or she can enjoy the day with fewer emotional outbursts and more control over his or her emotions.

Improved Confidence

Although our practitioner tends to intervene as early as possible when the jaw is initially forming, your child could develop confidence issues if his or her teeth aren’t aligned correctly. By using an aligner, our dentist promotes teeth to erupt with proper alignment in consideration. Unlike other aligners, these don’t force the teeth to erupt in a particular position. Instead, the aligners help the jaw so the teeth erupt where they should without intense force on the teeth themselves.

Better Sleep

Poor quality sleep and sleep-related disturbances can be difficult for both you and the child. With a HealthyStart device, we can ensure your child receives a better night’s sleep naturally. Sometimes, nightmares stop completely if this is the only cause. The HealthyStart program also can address bedwetting issues not caused by a psychological disturbance or trauma.

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At our office, our dentist in Jacksonville, FL, believes in the power of developing good oral health young. This includes helping your child achieve a straighter smile and correcting any jaw misalignments. Contact us to schedule an appointment.


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