Happy St Patrick’s Day: Food Coloring and Your Smile

At Smiles by Shields, we love a wholesome holiday celebration. And on this St. Patrick’s Day, we’re sure you’re donning your green attire and serving up some corned beef and cabbage for dinner. Whether you’ve got a touch of Irish in your genes or not, you’re sure to encounter some foods dyed green today.

To make the holiday festive, many of our favorite foods are dyed green when dining out on St. Patrick’s Day. If you stopped by your normal coffee shop this morning and picked up a green bagel or donut, you’ll know what we mean. Green cupcakes will be served in schools and offices, and you may even find the occasional helping of green eggs and ham or beverages like a glass of milk dyed with green food coloring.

Patients often ask whether food coloring will stain teeth, and the answer is: not usually. Typically, it takes repeated exposure to permanently stain teeth, so an occasional green pancake won’t ruin your smile. Brush 20 minutes after your meal to ease your mind, but we don’t expect to see any green smiles for your Jacksonville dentist appointment this week!


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