Gum grafting

When root scaling and planing doesn’t do enough to treat receding gums, how can receding gums be treated further? One surgical options is gum grafting, which is designed to help regrow gum tissues where it has receded to the point of causing damage.

There are several types of gum tissue graft procedures, but the most commonly used one is called a connective tissue graft. Tissue that lies above the palate in the roof of your mouth can be removed and used in place of the missing gums. Sometimes, tissue can be taken directly from the roof of the mouth for such a procedure. In some cases, a pedicle graft is possible (this requires sufficient excess gum tissue near the affected tooth).

Dr. Shields first works with patients to prevent this severity of gum recession and then takes the first step of root planing and scaling to slow down and reverse the conditions causing gum recession. When surgery is required, Dr. Shields can recommend the best course of action based on your specific oral health care needs.


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