Gargling SaltWater: Your Key To Easing A Sore Throat

With winter being here and the new year upon us, you’ll want to find every advantage that you can to stay healthy in order to maintain your goals going forward. One of the sure-fire ways is to begin gargling saltwater. In this guide, we’ll go over the benefits of gargling with saltwater, as well as some of the best practices you can use to stave off sickness this new year.

Saltwater Gargling Benefits

Saltwater has been a method to reduce inflammation since ancient times. Since then, generations of people have benefited from gargling with saltwater. Those benefits include:

1. Keeps Sore Throat Inflammation Down

If you have the flu, it can be especially soothing when you gargle saltwater. This is because the salt in the mixture pulls out the mucus from the swollen and uncomfortable tissue glands. Doing this provides relief and temporarily reduces swelling in your glands. However, doing it once won’t fix your swollen tissues so make sure to do it regularly in order to maintain the effect.

2. Aids with Allergies and Respiratory Infections

A few months after the new year comes, allergy infections come to life thanks to the pollen that runs rampant throughout the country. While nasal saline rinses are popular, they might not be for everyone. Another solution for respiratory infections lies with saltwater gargling. This can sore a scratchy throat that has been subject to constant coughing and mucus clearing. It can also ease congestion if you regularly maintain the practice.

3. Improves Dental Health

By adding a saltwater rinse to your daily tooth maintenance routine, you can fight bad breath, as well as reduce bacteria in your mouth. Gingivitis, which is the earliest stage of gum disease, has been seen to be treated at home through saltwater rinses. The antibacterial properties in salt work by sucking water out of bacteria through osmosis, thus killing them. Using saltwater gargling is a great way to reduce instances of gingivitis and gum disease while improving dental hygiene and health.

Saltwater Gargling Best Practices

1. Ingredients

While there are many different kinds of ingredients that can go into making a quality saltwater mixture, the ideal recipe is to use a quarter to one half teaspoon salt dissolved into an eight-ounce glass of warm water. You can add other ingredients like basil or mint if you plan to use it as daily oral hygiene care. The flavors from these plants can also make it easier to gargle with if you have difficulty getting used to the taste of the salt.

2. Method

In order to have the optimal experience as well as effectiveness when gargling saltwater, take the following steps:

  • Take a large sip of the saltwater. Take enough to fill your entire oral area, but not too much that you are swallowing the water. Remember, saltwater should not be swallowed.
  • Tilt your head back far enough so that the water mixture reaches the entrance of your throat, but not so far back that it enters the throat.
  • Gargle for around thirty to forty-five seconds. This should be enough time for the salt to work its magic.
  • Swish the saltwater mixture around your mouth, especially your teeth and gums, for another thirty seconds. This will act to destroy any other kind of bacteria that may be building up in your gums and the front of the mouth. If you averse to purely saltwater when swishing in the front of your mouth, try adding in basil, mint, or another herbal blend to make the flavor easier on the mouth.

3. When To Gargle

It is best to make saltwater gargling a stable part of your daily tooth care routine. This probably means doing the gargles at least twice a day and once if you feel that it is enough. You should try gargling whenever you are feeling the effects of allergies or respiratory illnesses and need relief from the mucus buildup in your throat.

As you can see, there are many health benefits to saltwater gargling. In order to get the maximum effect from gargling, try utilizing the best practices provided above, contact your holistic dentist, Dr. Shields, for more information on dental hygiene and dental care.


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