Gallup: marriage is good for your teeth?

At Smiles by Shields, we’re reflecting on Gallup poll information that shows more than a third of Americans have not visited the dentist at all in the past year. While polling doesn’t indicate precisely why each individual chose not to pursue their annual dentist exam, it does offer some interesting correlations, one of which is marriage!

Among other factors: dental visits were positively correlated with wealth, living in the East, and being either younger than 18 or older than 44. You could speculate as to why married adults tend to visit the dentist more than non-married adults. Perhaps it’s the greater likelihood of dental insurance coverage with two workers in a household? Perhaps it’s the presence of a nagging partner? No matter the reason, marriage seems to inspire dental care.

We hope that no matter whether you’re married or single, in your twenties or holding on to middle age, you’ve visited within the past year. If you’ve waited longer than six months since your last dental exam, call your Jacksonville dentist today for your appointment and we’ll get you back on track!


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