For patients with kidney disease, dental care prevents heart failure!

Treating periodontitis in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) has been shown to lower the occurrence of heart disease in this population. Proper care of the gums becomes even more important when organ systems are compromised.

Over 10% of the adult population has CKD and those affected are at higher ris of cardiovascular disease compared to the general population. Recent research suggests that increased mortality in people with CKD may be linked with chronic inflammatory conditions such as periodontitis. Treating the gum disease prevents harmful bacteria from entering the bloodstream and causing further systemic damage.

For everyone–and particularly for those with chronic kidney disease–periodontal care is a must in preventing damage to the heart!


Aston University. (2015, April 2). “Treating a common gum condition could reduce risk of heart attacks in kidney disease patients.” Medical News Today. Retrieved from


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