Enjoy Ice Cream in Moderation this Summer

As your Jacksonville, Florida dentist Dr. Tiffany Shields wants you to have a fun and healthy summer. While ice cream is the number one go-to treat as the temperatures heat up, we wanted to share some reasons to reach for a different chilly snack.

While ice cream can be enticing in the midst of the summer heat, we wanted to make you aware of its harmful effects on your oral health. There are several reasons you should eat ice cream in moderation including the possibility of high sugar levels, tooth decay, and tooth sensitivity. While most people know that sugar is not good for your teeth, they may not understand the reason. Sugar feeds the bacteria in your mouth and the bacteria, in turn, release acid. This process can cause decay, loss of enamel, cavities, and gum disease.

As long as you brush and floss regularly, you are free to enjoy your ice cream this summer. But Dr. Tiffany Shields wants you to remember that everything is best in moderation.




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