Dreaming Of a Tooth Whitening For Christmas?

This time of year it can feel impossible to get everything on your list crossed off. However with family coming to town, Christmas photos to take, seeing old friends for the holidays, you may want to have your smile brightened. Thankfully tooth whitening is just one of the many cosmetic dental treatments available at Smiles by Shields that can be performed quickly and yield instant results.

If you desire a brilliant, white smile, any time is a great time to ask your Jacksonville, dentist about a tooth whitening treatment. However, during the holiday season many people realize that their smile could use a little extra shine. Depending on the urgency of your occasion, you can have your teeth whitened in as little as a few weeks.

Why White Teeth?

Bright, white smiles convey an air of youth, cleanliness, and vitality. They can take a smile from beautiful to stunning, and can make people feel like a star every time the take a selfie. But, it wasn’t until 1980 that brilliant white teeth became available. In the early 1980s dentists were using peroxide as an antiseptic for gums, however they could not keep the solution from touching the teeth. They found that the peroxide was able to break up the stains on a patient’s teeth to reveal a fresh, white smile. Understandably, this happy accident became a sought after treatment soon after. Following this discovery, new techniques in whitening were discovered, and toothpaste companies were eventually able to offer consumers toothpastes and products that promised a whiter smile. Now, anyone can purchase tooth-whitening treatments from their local pharmacy or grocery store. While these over-the-counter products work fairly well, if you’re seeking a bright, white smile before Christmas hits, give your Jacksonville, Florida dentist a call today.

Whiten Teeth With a Dentist

Dentists have access to the most powerful and effective whitening treatments. So, if you are looking for white teeth in a flash, it only makes sense that you would schedule an appointment with Dr. Shields. At our Jacksonville, Florida dental practice we can whiten teeth in only two weeks. Take home trays are one of the most powerful methods of whitening teeth, and you can achieve these results without leaving the comfort of your home. At your appointment, Dr. Shields will create an impression of your teeth. From that impression, she will mold custom-fit bleaching trays, and send you home with a whitening solution and straightforward instructions. Every night you will fill the trays with the peroxide solution and wear them for a certain amount of time. This process will continue for as little as two weeks, or until you have reached your desired shade of white. It is important to follow the instructions given to you by Dr. Shields. This whitening agent is very powerful and can cause harm to your gums if not used correctly. Over the course of treatment, whitening agents will penetrate the tooth and break apart stains. After the treatment you will notice a vivid change in the color of your teeth. You’ll be ready to smile for photos and croon your favorite carols without embarrassment.

Over-The-Counter Overdoing It

All whitening agents available are very similar in chemical composition. But, the treatments available at your dentist’s office are the most potent and effective. As they are prescribed and performed under the supervision of a professional they are very safe to use. Using over-the-counter whitening strips and gels is safe, however sometimes people overdo it and can cause damage and permanent discoloration to their teeth. Over-bleaching causes the teeth to become translucent – and even blue in color, and can increase the sensitivity dramatically. This can happen very easily when strips and gels are used well beyond their intended instructions. Another concern dentists have about over-the-counter bleaching products is chemical burning of the gums. Because trays are not custom fit and gels can be sloppily painted on, burning the gum tissue is common. By following the advice and treatment plan of a professional you can ensure that your teeth will be bright and safe when you are finished.

If you’re hoping to flash a bright smile this Christmas, don’t hesitate to call this Jacksonville, Florida dental office today! Dr. Shields can have you on a path to a brilliant smile before the in-laws have a chance to walk in the door.


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