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While a visual examination can uncover some dental problems, it doesn’t reveal all problems. Some dental problems, such as cavities, tooth decay between teeth, or decay underneath a filling or crown, cannot be seen with a visual examination. They can, however, be seen with digital imaging.

Smiles by Shields is dedicated to improving your overall health which is why we offer safe, effective digital imaging as part of our dentistry services. We will explore what type of digital imaging is used at our dental office, why it is used, the benefits associated with using this technology, and when it is used.

The Type of Digital Imaging Used at Smiles by Shields

All x-rays taken at Smiles by Shields are 100% digital. Our practice uses two different types of digital imaging to provide our patients with the best, most comprehensive dental care. The types of digital imaging offered include traditional digital x-rays and 3D cone beam imaging.

When dentists believe they need to examine a small area of the mouth for potential problems, they will use the traditional digital x-ray. This type of imaging will show the enamel of the teeth, any tooth decay that may be present, and even the structure and health of the roots of the teeth.

In some situations your dentist may want a better, more comprehensive view of all your teeth, the bones in your jaw, and other areas, this is when the 3D cone beam imaging is used. This digital imaging creates a full view of your entire mouth including all your teeth, the sinuses, jaw joints and jaw bones.

Why is Digital Imaging Used by Smiles by Shields?

The decision to use only digital imaging at Smiles by Shields was made because we believe it improves the quality of care our patients receive.

Some of the benefits and reasons for our decision include:

  • Digital imaging reduces patient exposure to harmful radiation by almost 90%
  • Images can be obtained faster which improves the speed of treatment our patients receive
  • Digital imaging is clear which allows dentists to make better, more accurate diagnosis
  • Digital imaging is more cost effective
  • Digital imaging is better for the environment
  • Patients experience less pain and discomfort with digital x-rays

When Does Smiles by Shields Use Digital Imaging?

There are a number of reasons why digital imaging is used by the staff at Smiles by Shields. The reason why it would be used for you will vary depending upon the type of appointment you scheduled and the reason why you came to the dentist.

Some of the reasons why digital imaging may be used include:

  • Part of your regular routine examine
  • Diagnosis tooth decay or cavities between teeth
  • Look under fillings and crowns for tooth decay or cavities
  • Determine proper placement of crowns or fillings
  • Look for infections
  • Determine appropriate treatment for TMJ
  • Helps diagnosis any sleep disordered breathing
  • Creating imaging that will show where placement of implants should go

What to Expect When Getting Digital Imaging at Smiles by Shields

Patients used to the old x-ray technique that involved clunky machines, uncomfortable mouthpieces, and long periods of waiting for the imaging to be taken will be surprised at what is involved with digital imaging.

The process involved with taking digital imaging is extremely quick and pain free. In fact, all digital imaging can be obtained in just a few seconds. There is no need to have to sit there with an uncomfortable piece of x-ray equipment in your mouth.

The ability to quickly get accurate, detailed imagines means your dental appointments will go faster. No longer do you have to sit around waiting as the dental staff develops the x-ray film. With digital imaging, dental staff can have all the information they need to quickly and accurately create a treatment plan for you.

Still have questions regarding digital imaging? Feel free to call our office. We welcome any and all questions. One of our friendly office staff will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding digital imaging.

After speaking with our staff about digital imaging, you can schedule an appointment for a routine dental checkup or to discuss a specific problem with our dentist.


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